The latest issue of DrunkenWerewolf  Zine features a nice review on my cover of Linoleum. I dig what they’re doing, it’s DIY, has some lovely features and, above all, the download is free, so check them out.

Remember you can download the song for free from

I’ve learnt in the past to never make promises you can’t keep, so please forgive my lack of updates.

If you’re interested in me playing your town, hit me up and I’ll get down.

Stay safe,


I’m proud to announce that on the 20th June I shall be playing the Cats 3rd All Dayer at, one of my favourite venues in London, the Windmill, Brixton.

Not only is the line up something I’m excited to be apart of, there’s also a BBQ too. You can buy £5 tickets in advance from here or they will be £7 on the door. The show starts at 3, so come down early, hang out and get some BBQ.

Here’s a list of bands playing and their respected myspace pages.

Cats and Cats and Cats
Shield Your Eyes
Kid Pang (Formerly Lakes)
Deaf to Van Gogh’s Ear
Russell and the Wolf Choir

facebook event:
last.FM event:


After some headache of getting this badboy designed I can now say we’re ready to roll. But after all that, I have nothing to update on other than I recorded 3 new demo songs last week “where I was heading” “I think I need an editor” & “untitled #9” 2 of which you may of heard if you’ve been to the previous few shows. And, like every other band out there, I shall clasp my hands around the fad and wring it until it dies off – The Wolf Choir Twitter.

So I shall leave it as this, a fading haze in my head and a rather lame 2nd post. I’m going to go and finish off season 6 of Buffy. I love the trio.

Enjoy your weekend!


Seriously, I shall have a website. Just bare with me whilst I slowly add content and design something worthwhile to this between sleep and work.

Hit up the myspace for some songs and more up to date info.

Share your love with iLike and get some free music in the process including a full band cover of NOFX’ Linoleum.